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More than JUST repairs

At Lionel Otto Instruments, we understand that you need to know what is happening inside your machine - be it car, bike, 4x4, truck, bus, or other instruments.

As craftsmen of quality gauges, instruments clusters, panels. We lovingly restore instruments to their former glory. We believe that each gauge tells a story. It demonstrates the health of a vehicle. It provides feedback about what is occurring inside the belly of your beast. These are a small but integral part of how modern machines communicate. They are the voice of your favorite car, signaling the ways to push machine enabling you to master its purpose.   

Many a car owner has revelled in the responsiveness of a tachometer as they press the accelerator watching as the engine approaches redline.   

Many a car owner has watched in horror as a temperature gauge has risen, signaling deeper problems.

Without correct calibration, accuracy is lost. Without accuracy, you cannot truly know what your machine requires to do its job.

At Otto's we understand the delicate purpose of the the gauges you need for your special machine. This is why we lovingly restore each piece by hand, helping to bring back the former glory of a gauge that has lost its ability to communicate.


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Dropped my D22 instrument cluster off just before closing time Monday. Got a phone call saying it was ready in under a day. Picked it up at 4pm the next day, across town, and had tested it in my car, and sealed the dash up by 5:04 pm on the Tuesday.
Incredible service. Thanks very much!
— Andrew

I have received my tacho and refitted it to the Lotus Cortina. Works a treat! Looks great!
Thanks for your efforts.
— Paul Guerin
These are the second set of Instruments I have sent to you for repair. My “first” was a 1973
Kawasaki 900 Z1 speedometer “in pieces”! It was restored to better than new at a very reasonable cost, considering it’s broken and neglected state.
My recent Mercedes Benz R107 speedometer “gave up the ghost” with a faulty odometer/trip meter, together with a faulty rheostat.
I am again delighted at the standard of repair and the fact I had the assembly not only repaired and working “as new”, but returned within a week to Tasmania and the costs very reasonable considering the “description of work” conducted!
I am unable to praise your Company enough for the wonderful and professional standard of work you perform. I will continue to recommend you to friends and anyone that requires the services of such a terrific Company.
Take care and best wishes.
— Brian COOK
Gentlemen, thank you for the recent job you did on my BMW instruments. They were nice and clean when I collected them, l appreciate that you were able to finish them a bit earlier to suit my drive to Brisbane, the cost was better than I expected and best of all I can see them at night time. That’s the second job you have done for me...again thanks.
— Paul Cadman
Just thought I’d drop a note to thank you and to tell you all my instruments are working perfectly.
I’ve been restoring the 1975 R90S from parts for just over a year and can now get it licensed, I just took it around the block (8kms) to check that everything was working OK, no leaks, etc. Took the pics when I got back. Very pleased with it.
Thanks again,
— Bob Rees
I came and saw you some months ago, and your staff took out the instruments panel in my car and fix the speedo and also I bought down Peter Hobart Instrumental panel and your staff fixed that also. Thank you for doing great work, greatly appreciated.
— Lola MANN

The Ottos Promise

Our aim is to make sure that every job we turn out is quality work. We pride ourselves on the quality of craftsmanship and timely manner.